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SharePoint 2013/2016 – People Picker Control in SharePoint

PrintFacebookLinkedinTwitterIn SharePoint, the People Picker control is used to select users, groups, and claims to grant permission to items such as lists, libraries, and sites. Although it has many uses, it is most commonly used to select users or groups while granting permissions on sites, lists, libraries etc. Querying Users…
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SharePoint 2016 Browser Support

PrintFacebookLinkedinTwitterThe following browsers are supported Microsoft Edge (some operations, like drag-and-drop editing are not currently supported, but should be supported in the near future. Functionality that relies on NPAPI or ActiveX will not work on Microsoft Edge. ) Internet Explorer 10 and 11 Google Chrome (latest released version) Mozilla Firefox…
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SharePoint 2016 Software Requirements

PrintFacebookLinkedinTwitterOS Requirements SharePoint Server 2016 as with earlier versions does not support the use of single label domain names. SharePoint Server 2016  supports drives that are formatted with the Resilient File System (ReFS). This a new file system that was introduced in Windows Server 2012. Some of the features offered…
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